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Top Tips for Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

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August 16, 2022
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Top Tips for Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

Mixing gold and silver jewelry together used to be frowned upon. But today, it is becoming more and
more the trend. Mixing metals such as gold and silver is a great way to use jewelry to create a statement
and make your jewelry pieces stand out. The key is to avoid any fashion blunders by following the
common dos and don’ts of mixing jewelry. Create a new, unique look by mixing gold and silver jewelry
together with these top tips.

Layer Jewelry

One tip for mixing metals together is to layer the material. Think of different lengths, colors, thicknesses,
and sizes. Longer necklaces can be layered with shorts ones, heavier bracelets with thinner ones, or
watches with different styles of bracelets or rings. While it isn’t great to overdo the layering, layering in
gold and silver jewelry in moderation can be a great look.

Consider Placement

Mixing necklaces together can be a classy look, or mixing bracelets can bring about a certain sense of
elegance, but mixing together too many different pieces can look mismatched and out of place. It is
important to consider the placement of jewelry and not overdo it. Consider a few main areas to display
mixed gold and silver jewelry, such as the neck, ears, hands, or wrists, but don’t include them all at once.

Choose a Focal Point

Before choosing what to mix and match, the first thing you should do is choose a focal piece. A chunky
necklace, sparkly diamond ring, or big watch is a great place to start. From there, decide what other
pieces to add and accessorize accordingly. The other pieces should complement the main piece of
jewelry and have a neutral tone so as not to take away from the centerpiece of the look.

Maintain Balance

Too much gold and silver jewelry can look tacky and not elegant at all. Maintain a balance of metal
colors and be sure not to go overboard with one certain metal color. For example, don’t wear a silver
chain with all gold jewelry. Go for a more cohesive look with a balance of gold and silver with a balance
between the two types of metals.

Consider the Overall Outfit

Before deciding what type of jewelry to wear, you must first take a look at your overall outfit. For
instance, if you are wearing a bold outfit or print, maybe it would not be best to also layer with gold and
silver jewelry. An outfit that stands out more may need to be paired with subtle jewelry pieces. If you
are dressing for an office meeting, again, it may be better to go with minimal jewelry. Before deciding
what silver and gold jewelry pieces to wear, be sure to take your outfit into consideration first.
Mixing gold and silver jewelry can make a stylish fashion statement when you follow these helpful tips.
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