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Upgrade Your Ring to a Bigger Diamond

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Upgrade Your Ring to a Bigger Diamond

There comes a time when a couple considers upgrading their diamond engagement ring to a larger stone. For many couples, this could be to celebrate a milestone anniversary or commemorate a special occasion. Other times, it’s something that has always been planned and wanted, but the timing wasn’t right. Consider these questions when deciding to upgrade your diamond.

Can the Diamond Be Sized Up in Any Ring?

Your current ring holds much sentimental value. Many people don’t want a whole new ring; they just want to upsize the diamond. It will depend upon the current design of your wedding ring whether or not the diamond can be upgraded. For a solitaire engagement ring, it can be easy to insert a larger diamond. Only the prongs will need to be altered to allow for the larger diamond. For three-stone engagement rings, however, the side diamonds in the setting will also need to be moved to account for the larger stone, which can be more difficult. Rings with more unique designs may also require more adjustments when upgrading a diamond. Contact a reputable jeweler with questions as to whether or not your ring diamond can be sized up easily.

Can I Sell My Old Diamond?

Yes, you can sell your old diamond once your ring has been upgraded. However, selling a diamond on your own can be difficult as there isn’t a large market for diamond resell. For this reason, it can be a good idea to see if your jeweler can purchase your old diamond.

What Is the Cost of Upgrading the Diamond?

The price of upgrading your ring depends entirely on the diamond you choose. Altering the ring itself can cost anywhere between $400 and $2000. Add to that the price of the diamond you have chosen, and you can estimate the cost of upgrading the diamond in your engagement ring. If you are working to stay within a budget, be sure to let your jeweler know so they can show you diamond options that will work within your specified budget. For instance, a lab-grown diamond will be 30-40% cheaper than a mined diamond and could be an option to consider.

Can I Change the Ring Design?

When upgrading your diamond, you can take it a step further and redesign the ring as well. Simply talk to the jeweler about what you are looking for in a new ring design. One of the changes you can make depending upon the ring design is to change the cut of the diamond. If you have a square cut diamond, you could possibly change it to a round cut if the design makes it possible. Additionally, you could also choose to add more diamonds to the setting as well. However, redesigning a ring could require additional costs due to changing the prong settings or adding more metal as needed.

Upgrading the diamond in your ring can really bring the sparkle to your setting. For more information about diamond options, visit Diamond Treasures today.