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Top 7 Most Interesting Attributes of Black Diamonds

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Top 7 Most Interesting Attributes of Black Diamonds

When you think of diamonds, what colors come to mind? Clear, flawless diamonds, bright yellow diamonds, even frilly pink diamonds? But what about black diamonds? The black diamond is a fascinating gem that often has a history of mystery and intrigue. 

While we now know much about black diamonds and use them in any number of jewelry pieces, there is still some cloud of mystery surrounding this eye-catching gem. These are the top 7 most interesting facts about black diamonds that you may not know.

Millions of Crystals

Other types of diamonds are composed of one single crystal. Black diamonds are different, however, because they are actually composed of many smaller crystals. This composition is what actually gives them their black, or sometimes gray, colors. These crystals are bound together by internal inclusions to make up one larger black gemstone.


When you think of a diamond, you automatically think of a shiny gemstone that sparkles and throws off all kinds of light. But a black diamond is different. It has no shine whatsoever. Instead of sending light out, these diamonds actually absorb light, which is what causes them to appear more marble-like in appearance than diamond-like.


Other types of diamonds can be found all over the world. Black diamonds are rare and, therefore, are only found in two places throughout the world. Black diamonds can only be found in Brazil and Central Africa. Because it seems as though these two pieces of land used to be adjacent to each other at one point in history, it would seem that black diamonds originated in one specific place in the world.

Time and Patience

Cutting a black diamond into its shape is no easy feat. In fact, it can take up to a year to cut a black diamond. It is the makeup of the carbon and graphite atoms of a black diamond that makes the cutting so delicate. The process itself is very time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. It required the utmost skill and patience throughout the process. If you own or see a black diamond in a piece of jewelry, you can now appreciate it a little bit more, knowing the steps it took to make that diamond.


Black diamonds are known for their toughness and durability. They are one of the strongest stones and are tougher than any other kind of diamond. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, a black diamond measures a 10, which is the highest level for the hardness of any stone. For this reason, black diamonds can be hard to polish. It is another one of the reasons they are hard to cut.

Alluvial Deposits

The only place black diamonds are found is in alluvial deposits, which are younger rock formations near water. They haven’t been found anywhere else. This is unique from other diamonds that are found in kimberlites.

Ancient Legends

Black diamonds have always been a topic of ancient legends. Are they a blessing or a curse? Some cultures consider them bad luck, while others, like the Italians, consider them a blessing, especially in marriage. Whatever the story behind a black diamond, there’s no denying their intrigue.

If you are looking for a diamond, a black diamond may be a unique option, but certainly not the only option. With so many colors of diamonds to choose from, you can create a unique piece of jewelry for that special person in your life, and Diamond Treasures is here to help. Come see our collection of diamonds to decide what type of diamond will stand out on a piece of jewelry for your loved one.