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Top Jewelry Trends of 2021

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Top Jewelry Trends of 2021

New and exciting jewelry trends are making an appearance in 2021. They are bold and prominent trends
that have been seen on many, such as actresses, musicians, models, and athletes. Everything from
diamond engagement rings or wedding bands and diamond bracelets are included in these top trends. If
you are looking for a new diamond statement piece, one of these trending styles may be a good look for
you this year.

Marquise Cut Diamonds
While this diamond cut has been around for a while, it is making a big comeback with 2021 jewelry
trends. This diamond cut offers versatility in how it can be used in jewelry settings. It will not only appeal
to those looking to stay on-trend, but also those who love their familiar jewelry styles. Whatever way
you choose to wear your jewelry, it will still look great with this popular classic cut. This lower-cut style is
most appealing for those who live a more active lifestyle and stands out best in diamond tennis
bracelets and diamond engagement rings.

Diamonds and Pearls
Diamonds and pearls have been one of the most prominent trends this year, featured in almost every
magazine and ad. Big-name magazines such as Vogue are sure to feature this hot pairing. Big names
such as Vice President Kamala Harris have also been seen wearing this combination, making it a go-to
item for many. It may not be a pairing that many would have chosen for themselves, but it can’t be
denied that diamonds and pearls have a stunning look together. The sparkling diamonds next to the
creamy white pearls are being defined as a “modern meets classic” jewelry look. One thing is for sure:
this is a trend that seems like it will continue for many years to come. A diamond and pearl piece is a
great investment that can be on-trend and worn for many years to come.

Gender-Neutral Pieces
Diamonds are a great look on anyone. For this reason, many diamond pieces are being designed in a
more unisex style that will allow anyone to wear the jewelry. Gender-neutral pieces allow all diamond
and jewelry lovers to wear pieces they love without worrying about who it was designed for.

Heavy Metal Chains
Another up-and-coming trend is the heavy metal chain. While this trend has been around more in the
music industry, it seems to be popping up in other places now, too. These chains can be complimentary,
easy to wear, and stylish with any outfit, whether it be a baggy or slim-fitting shirt. Whether you grew
up in the 90s or are loving this retro-style brought back to life, the heavy metal chain can be a
compliment to any jewelry lover’s collection.
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