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You Inherited a Diamond: Now What?

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December 13, 2019
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You Inherited a Diamond: Now What?

One of the most enduring valuables a person can have is often jewelry, especially precious stones like diamonds. This means that when houses are being cleaned out, when loved ones pass away, or during other life milestones, you may find yourself in possession of diamonds that represent a family history. These always carry sentimental meaning and a feeling that you want to take excellent care of these pieces. Unfortunately, just because an heirloom carries emotional significance doesn’t always mean that it’s a piece you want to wear. Whether you want to wear the diamond exactly as is or make it your own, there are some considerations to make in conjunction with a trusted diamond dealer.


As soon as you receive an heirloom piece, there are some steps you can take immediately to preserve the stones. Due to age, many of these items will need to be cleaned with an appropriate polish. This will allow you to identify any necessary repairs quickly so that you can take action now and not allow the condition to worsen. Even if you don’t see anything immediately wrong, it can be a good idea to bring your diamond to a dealer to examine it more thoroughly. Something like a slight shift in how the diamond lays in the setting can lead to larger issues – or lost diamonds! – later. If you don’t plan to use the jewelry soon, make sure it is stored in proper conditions- protected, in a moderate temperature, away from moisture and heat. A soft pouch or cloth is a great option.

Reset the Diamond

In many cases, the piece being passed down is an engagement ring from ancestors. While these are often used in their current condition, many couples feel that the diamond itself is the heirloom and choose to have it reset into a new ring. Rings can also be reset as a way to overcome severe damage caused by aging. Depending on what characteristics the wearer likes and dislikes, diamond rings can be reset in a number of ways. The most common version is to take the existing stone and put it into an entirely new setting, which allows the ring to mesh with modern wedding bands and for personal touches to be added. In some cases, metal from the existing band can even be melted down to make the new one, keeping all the same components in place and bringing in a new look. If the diamond itself has damage or lacks clarity, it can be cut and reshaped to revive its original splendor.

Make a New Piece

If your heirloom isn’t a ring, or you don’t want to wear a ring, there are other options to make the piece modern. Single gemstones and diamonds make lovely pins for a lapel or pendants on necklaces. If you have multiple items, bracelets or sets of earrings can be a great choice as well. Always make sure to work with a reliable dealer like Diamond Treasures to ensure that your heirlooms are treated expertly.