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Ethical and Sustainable Diamond Engagement Rings

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Ethical and Sustainable Diamond Engagement Rings

You may or may not be aware that the mining of precious stones and metals to create beautiful custom diamond jewelry has historically caused a great deal of conflict in the areas in which the mining occurs. Environmental concerns and reduction of violence related to the mining of such valuable commodities have fueled the interest in what are called conflict-free jewelry. What exactly are ethical and sustainable jewelry pieces? Here is a guide to help you understand what your choices might be when it comes to selecting a conflict-free stone for your engagement ring setting.


Purchasing a diamond or gemstone for your engagement ring or other fine jewelry purchase that was created or grown in a lab is the only way to make absolutely certain that your stone has not had a negative impact on the environment or on any mining community. These stones are created are technically made of the same material as naturally mined stones, and this opinion is upheld by the FTC or Federal Trade Commission.

Estate or Heirloom Stones

Another ethical way to source your center diamond or gemstone is to look for jewelry pieces that are already in your family and can be inherited or purchased without the concern for conflict plaguing the piece. You will likely be able to take an antiquated style and embrace it as new if you are interested in vintage pieces, or you could consider resetting the ring to suit more modern trends. The sustainability of heirloom pieces are firmly established since the environmental footprint for an inherited stone has already been placed, so no further environmental concern exists. Technically speaking, the stone’s potential attachment to conflict and violence can often not be known, because of its age. This is the only drawback, but a helpful perspective would suggest that you are not furthering ethical concerns as you would be if you purchased a diamond that was recently mined in an unethical fashion.

Naturally Mined Stones

If you are a jewelry purist who feels they’d be happiest with a stone mined from the earth, it is possible to purchase a sustainable and ethically mined diamond or gemstone in today’s market. The simplest way to ensure that your values align with the purveyor you purchase from is to limit your search to those who mine their stones from North America or Canada. The regulations and practices that mining must adhere to in the West are more stringent than most other places. You might be able to find a stone that satisfies you in the international market, but the research will be much more time-consuming.

Contact our Diamond sellers at Diamond Treasures to find your perfect, ethically sourced engagement ring stone today! Our jewelers will help you to find the look you prefer with the sustainability you feel is most important.