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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

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July 10, 2019
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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

Are you wishing and hoping and praying (as the song would say) to get engaged this year? If so, it is not at all unreasonable to begin to determine the type of engagement ring you imagine you’d like to wear on your left hand forever. Truth be told, jewelers offer help to many men and women who would like to update the style of their engagement ring and/or wedding band. This is why we are seeing designs trend toward timeless styles this season; styles which will likely dazzle you for years to come, and not cause you to reconsider your diamond taste in 10 short years.

Here are the top engagement ring trends for the 2019-2020 engagement season.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Talk about a timeless style! The anxiety behind a proposal can certainly be lessened by selecting a truly classic and elegant solitaire setting. This type of design is simple, but not boring, and definitely puts the responsibility on your center diamond to stand out. The prongs, whether you select 4 or 6, will not obstruct the view of the diamond as anyone gazes down at it. Another benefit of a solitaire diamond engagement ring is that purchasing one will leave you with the opportunity to get the most diamond for your money. Since you are opting out of all of the additional carat weight pieces that exist on other settings, nearly all of your investment goes toward the diamond itself, as well as the quality of the precious metal you select.

Colored Stones

Many ladies who would like to see their ring stand out, but who don’t want to make a less than timeless selection opt for a colored engagement ring. This can be in all of the stones on the setting, just in the center or featured diamonds, or even just in the surrounding design. The possibilities are endless, and the effect is strong. Others who want to make a fresh choice might opt for a colored diamond in an otherwise traditional engagement ring setting. Blue diamonds, chocolate or champagne diamonds, and even black diamonds are being set into classic engagement ring settings to offer a palate cleanser from standard white diamonds. Finally, sapphires seem to be a fixture in the colored stone settings that draw many brides to love them. These rings are often thought to be a nod to Princess Diana’s trademark sapphire ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Eternity Bands

Perhaps the simplest and most striking diamond trend to make its way into designs in recent seasons would be the eternity band serving as the entire engagement setting. This look achieves a utilitarian simplicity with such an artful and beautiful opportunity to truly personalize your band to make one clean statement. Those who prefer a flatter setting with fewer elements “sticking out” from their finger might lean toward the possibility of having lovely precious stones on their finger in a truly understated way.

If you think you might be looking for an engagement ring style that is truly unique and timeless, come in to Diamond Treasures to take in the beauty of these styles and discuss with our experts what it is you’d like to see in your forever ring.