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How to Select Matching Diamond Wedding Bands

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June 14, 2019
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How to Select Matching Diamond Wedding Bands

Wedding season is here.  Summer is a popular time to get married and celebrate with family and friends. After the initial engagement, there’s much planning to be done, from creating the guest list to picking a dress, choosing flowers or making the perfect seating arrangement.  There’s quite a list when it comes to planning a wedding. Amidst the planning, there are many details that can be overlooked, including wedding bands.  But choosing a wedding band is an important part of the process.  Don’t wait too long to choose your wedding band or you may be forced to settle for something that isn’t quite what you imagined.  Many couples decide upon matching wedding bands for their ceremony in a beautiful symbol of their love.  The key is to find a style that suits both the bride and the groom.

Decide on the Metal

The first step is to decide on a type of metal for your wedding band.  The type of metal for his and her wedding bands should usually match the bride’s diamond engagement ring so that her ring can be sautered together later.  If she has 14K white gold, then the bands should be 14K white gold.  Limiting the options can make selecting a wedding band even easier.

Choose a Style

After the metal has been decided, it’s time to move forward with choosing a style.  Again, the bride’s engagement ring can be used as inspiration if making a decision is difficult.  If the bride has a pave set diamond engagement ring, having pave set diamonds on both his and her wedding bands will compliment her engagement ring nicely and provide a matching his wedding band that will go great with the style.  Take the time to look at options to find wedding bands that both the bride and groom are sure to love.

Mix and Match Styles

Perhaps agreeing on one matching style isn’t working out so well.  That’s okay.  You can still mix and match styles in a way that complements the bride’s engagement ring and still makes everyone happy.  For instance, if the bride’s ring is white gold, but the groom prefers rose gold, mixing the two together for his wedding band will create a different yet complementary look that pleases both parties.  Diamonds can be incorporated in different ways as well for the bride’s wedding band and groom’s wedding band.  For instance, the bride may want several diamonds on her band whereas the groom only wants a few accents.  There’s definitely a way to give everyone a look they will love but will still look great in photos with a mix and match style.

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