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Ways to Upgrade Your Ring and Keep Sentimental Value

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May 9, 2019
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Ways to Upgrade Your Ring and Keep Sentimental Value

Your first wedding ring is more than likely very special to you.  It symbolizes a special moment and an important relationship in your life.  But you may also be considering an upgrade to add some new life to your engagement ring. But how can you keep the sentimental value of your engagement ring while upgrading your ring?  Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering a new engagement ring.

Choose a New Band

Combining parts of your old ring with your new ring is a great way to keep the sentimental value that is so important to you.  Keeping the diamond that you love and designing a new band will give your ring a whole new look but keep the memories of your old engagement ring alive as well.  Consider involving your partner in the choosing or designing process.  Think of this not as losing something you love, but as a great way to attach new memories to a meaningful piece of jewelry.

Replace the Center Stone

For most, upgrading included the diamond as well.  Now that you are more established as a couple, you are able to dream about a bigger center diamond for your engagement ring.  Keeping the band of your engagement ring but simply replacing the center stone with something larger with add sparkle to your ring.  You could even consider changing the cut as well as the quality of the diamond for something new and completely different.

Change Up the Setting

Again, if you are looking to upgrade to a larger center diamond, as are most couples who have been together a while and want to upgrade, it could be a great idea to use the original diamond as a side stone.  This ensures that you can save a piece of that sentimental value from your original ring and incorporate it into your new design.  You could even add other stones from family members to the setting to give it even more sentimental value.

Add an Enhancer

If you have reached a milestone anniversary and are looking to upgrade your ring, adding an enhancer could be a great option.  Choose a unique wrap or anniversary band that you love to give your ring a little extra sparkle and that something special you are looking for.  This doesn’t change the overall appearance of your engagement ring, but only adds to its appearance so you can upgrade while keeping the memories attached to your piece of jewelry.

Add an Engraving

Something you may not have thought of the first time around it to add an engraving to your ring.  You can put the date of your anniversary, a special quote, or your partner’s initials to give it added sentimental value and make it extra meaningful.  You and your partner can choose to engrave your rings together to symbolize your years of commitment and love.  It is a great way to add a special touch to your upgraded engagement ring.

If you are looking to upgrade your diamond or engagement ring, Diamond Treasures can help.  We have many options to choose from and will help you design the perfect ring to fit your personality.  Stop in today and see what we have to offer.