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The Perfect Jewelry Touches for Your Wedding Day

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The Perfect Jewelry Touches for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has finally arrived, the day you have always dreamed about.  You are putting the finishing touches on your look and want to look perfect for your significant other.  Of course, you will wear your diamond engagement ring on your wedding day, but what other jewelry can complement the day?


Subtle diamond earrings can be a great choice for a simple accessory on your wedding day.  If you have a headpiece of any kind, you will want to make sure your earring match and don’t distract from the headpiece.

Wrist Accessories

Wearing a bracelet on your wedding day can be a great way to incorporate the something borrowed, something old, or something new traditions that often go along with weddings.  You can purchase a new diamond bracelet, or borrow a family heirloom from your mom or grandparents to make your jewelry selections even more meaningful.  A watch probably isn’t the best choice as it tends to detract from your wedding day look instead of add to it.  Most brides tend to want their dress to make a statement, so they go understated with simple, elegant, streamlined jewelry pieces such as simple diamond tennis bracelets.  Your hands will show in the wedding photos as you hold your bouquet, so consider what will look best in wedding day photos.

Make it Personal

It’s your special day so be sure that your wedding jewelry expresses who you are and bring out your personality.  Although there are traditional pieces that many brides wear on their wedding day such as diamond studs, feel free to express your style with different pieces that make a statement or stand out.  Necklaces are a great way to show off your own personal style, whether you want to go bold with a chunky piece or keep it simple with a smaller chain.

Avoid Too Much

Looking back on your wedding photos can be a memorable experience, especially on a momentous anniversary.  Consider the amount of jewelry that you wear for your wedding day as it will be in your photos forever.  You don’t want to take away the focus from your perfect gown, elegant hair, or flowing veil by overshadowing these pieces with too much jewelry.  Your engagement and wedding ring, along with earrings or a bracelet are usually enough to look put together yet not overdone.

Fun and Exciting Jewelry for the Reception

The reception offers another time to change your jewelry and mix up your style.  If you have an afternoon wedding and an evening reception, it can be fun to change jewelry for a more relaxed, let down your hair reception style of jewelry.  Bangle earrings, chunky necklaces, or fun bracelets can add to your reception ensemble as you dance and laugh the night away.

If you are just beginning the process of shopping for engagement or wedding rings or if you are wanting to look for wedding day accessories, Diamond Treasures has a variety of options to put together the perfect jewelry ensemble for your special day.