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A Summer Guide for When to Wear and Not Wear Your Ring

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A Summer Guide for When to Wear and Not Wear Your Ring

Spring is here and summer is not far behind.  Both the spring and summer are filled with fun activities such as hanging out with friends or traveling with family.  When participating in such fun events, it is important that you take care not to damage or lose your engagement ring.  Here are some times to remove your diamond ring to keep it safe all summer long.

Working in the Yard

Spring and summer are great times to tackle yard work such as planting flowers or weeding the garden.  While doing yard work with your ring on won’t necessarily damage your diamond ring, it can make it very dirty.  Take your ring off and put it in a safe place before doing yard work.


Any type of exercising that involved using your hands could lead to damage to your ring.  It is always a good idea to take your ring off before exercising.  Exercises such as lifting weights or even doing yoga could scratch or scrape your ring.  It may not happen the first time, but repetitive exercising can lead to unwanted damage.  Furthermore, cardio type exercising might not rub or scratch your ring, but it can cause fingers to swell, making it difficult to remove your ring.  This can be uncomfortable.  Avoid damage or uncomfortableness by taking off your ring before exercising.


If you go swimming anytime this summer, store your ring in a safe place to keep it from slipping off your finger and getting lost in the water.  Once a ring has fallen off in the pool or ocean, it can be virtually impossible to locate again.  Wet fingers make it easy for your ring to slide right off. So, unless your ring fits very snugly on your finger, be cautious about wearing it around water.

Doing the Dishes

Similarly, doing the dishes with soap and water can also make it easy for your ring to slip off and slide down the drain.  Also, dish soap can cake onto the ring, making it look dirty and grimy.  Instead, keep a ring dish next to your sink where you can put it to keep it safe and clean while you do the dishes.

Working at a Demanding Job

Some jobs can be more damaging to your ring than others.  For example, doctors and nurses have to put on and take off rubber glove several times a day.  This can loosen the diamond setting or the center stone, which could then fall out and get lost.  Anytime you feel your job could damage your ring, it might be a better idea to take it off and leave it at home.  If you still want to wear it, you could always put it on a chain around your neck instead while you are working.

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