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Add Custom Diamonds to a Luxury Watch for Your Husband’s Birthday

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December 17, 2018
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Add Custom Diamonds to a Luxury Watch for Your Husband’s Birthday

The luxury watch industry is a multibillion dollar industry.  Whether it is Swiss or German, automatic or battery powered, sports or dress, and so on…there’s nothing like owning a luxury timepiece.  And there is no better way to surprise someone by gifting them custom diamonds they can add to their luxury watch.  Many watch enthusiasts love to add custom diamonds to their watches to give it that extra oomph they are looking for. It not only looks amazing, but it can also increase the value of the watch, should it ever be sold. If you know someone who absolutely loves their watch and wears it more often than not, it’s possible for them to become a little bored with it. Or maybe you just feel it would be great to add a little customization to it. If that’s the case, get in touch with the diamond experts to learn about adding custom diamonds to a luxury watch.

Why Should I Even Add Diamonds to a Luxury Watch?

Luxury watches can look absolutely amazing when the right custom diamonds are made specifically for that timepiece.  Many luxury timepiece manufacturers have their own jewelers that design their own diamond designs and are set by experts during the manufacturing process.  Custom-set diamonds are designed by a third party jeweler, like Diamond Treasures, and installed at a later time.  Famous watchmakers will always use high-quality diamonds for their top of the line watches.  It is never a good idea to go with a subpar diamond.

When customizing a luxury timepiece, be aware if you have one that is considered an asset or a collectible, because altering it in any way could lower its resale value.  In many cases, you can increase its value depending on the added materials, but if you do plan to sell it one day, then any alteration from its original condition could be detrimental to its overall value and desirability.   With some manufacturers you can negatively affect the value of the watch if you don’t use a diamond supplied by the watches manufacturer, but a detail like this is only noticeable to the purist collectors.

You also want to be careful not to void the manufacturer’s warranty when making alterations.  Diamonds added to a luxury watch are a perfect way to elevate a premium product to a new level of exclusivity.  However, not all diamonds are created equal.  It’s best to use a trusted jeweler and high-quality diamonds when adding custom diamonds to a gorgeous timepiece.

The Best Place to Get Custom Diamonds

Since Diamond Treasures is a member of the Diamond Exchange in Israel, our customers get an insider’s view at buying diamonds in the same place that Dallas, TX diamonds wholesalers buy their merchandise.  Our access to the vast Israeli diamond market ensures that you get competitive prices and the best quality stones for your custom jewelry.  Diamond Treasures is a fine jewelry and diamond industry leader with a wide selection of high-quality GIA-certified diamonds.  Visit our Dallas location or shop our website to get access to our wide selection of loose diamonds and custom jewelry creations.