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The Top Tips Choosing the Right Ring for a Surprise Engagement

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The Top Tips Choosing the Right Ring for a Surprise Engagement

If you are ready to propose to your loved one, the holiday season might be just the right time to pop the question.  In many relationships, the engagement is a specially planned surprise event.  But it can be difficult to pull off the perfect surprise without giving it away.  Here are some tips for creating the perfect surprise engagement for you and your loved one.

Enlist Help for Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want your engagement to be a complete surprise, then it might mean you need to pick out the engagement ring without the help of your significant other.  You may worry that you will make a decision, and it will be the wrong one.  Taking a friend, someone who knows your significant other well, could be the answer you are looking for.  Usually, best friends have discussed weddings and rings before so they will have advice to share.  They can help pick out the right engagement ring that fits the style of your loved one.

Plan a Ring Scouting Trip

If marriage is a topic of conversation that you as a couple have discussed, then most likely engagement will be something that happens in the future.  If you want to be surprised, then be sure to let your significant other know your preferences.  Plan a trip together to look at rings and offer suggestions as to what types of cuts, colors, or styles are your favorite.  Then leave it open-ended for your loved one to find the perfect diamond ring to surprise you with for your special proposal.

Write Down Important Information

When it comes to your engagement ring, you don’t want to be disappointed.  To help out your partner, write down important details that matter to you so you won’t face disappointment on the big day.  If you want a certain diamond shape, be sure to include that.  Also include your ring size, certain types of metal you like, and any other gems you might want on your setting.  Leave no room for doubt for your significant other when they are shopping for the perfect ring.

Discuss Budget Ahead of Time

Many couples already share finances before getting engaged.  If this is the case, having a budget talk is a good idea so there are no unexpected purchases before the big day.  You don’t want your partner to feel pressured to buy a big, flashy ring if that is not in the budget.  So be sure to have a conversation about money well before your engagement.  You don’t want anything to get in the way of your happiness when you finally get engaged.  So follow these tips for the perfect, exciting, romantic proposal.  Diamond Treasures can help you find or design the exact engagement ring you are envisioning, so give us a call today.