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How to Safely Clean Your Diamond Ring

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October 17, 2018
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How to Safely Clean Your Diamond Ring

More than likely, if you have invested in a diamond ring, it is for an engagement ring or wedding ring that will be worn all the time.  Your wedding ring is meant to be displayed, but wearing your ring all day every day can bring about wear and tear to your beautiful diamond ring.  When you wear your ring to do dishes, clean the house, or do daily chores, it can come into contact with dirt and grease.  Because diamond rings are valuable, it is important that they are safely and carefully cleaned.  Taking care of your jewelry properly ensures that it lasts a lifetime.

Clean Your Ring Often

If you wear your ring every day, without taking it off, and have a demanding job or exercise and play sports frequently, your diamond ring may get dirtier than most and need to be cleaned more often.  How often your diamond needs cleaning depends upon your lifestyle.  Consider what you do each day and what your ring comes into contact with.  The basic rule of thumb is the more activity you do with your ring on, the more your ring needs to be cleaned to keep it in pristine condition.  While some might recommend cleaning your ring every 2 weeks, this can be a bit unrealistic.  Every 2-4 months should suffice.

Avoid Cleaning Your Ring With Household Items

There’s a reason specific cleaners are designed to properly clean your ring.  Following advice found on the internet and using common household items to clean your ring could do more damage than good.  Don’t use things like ketchup, vinegar, vodka, or toothpaste to clean your ring.  Doing it yourself may seem easy, but it’s not always the wisest decision.  Diamonds are beautiful but expensive, which is why you want to be careful what you clean your rings with.

When In Doubt, Turn to the Professionals

There are quality products that are designed to clean your rings at home.  But because your engagement or wedding ring is precious to you, you may not always trust yourself to do it at home.  When in doubt, let the expert jewelers do the cleaning for you.  Most cleanings are free, especially if done at the store where you first purchased the diamond ring, so make use of this service if you can.  Jewelers are sure to clean your ring safely, making it shiny and sparkly once again.  If a local jewelry store offers ring cleaning, this is the best method for taking care of your diamond ring to protect it from possible damage.  Because not only do diamonds have monetary worth and value, but also sentimental value for us.  So be careful and rely on the professionals to be sure your ring stays in great condition for years to come.

If your ring has already suffered wear and tear that can’t be undone or you are looking to upgrade to a bigger, better diamond, Diamond Treasures can help, so be sure to contact them today.