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Why Is a Diamond the Most Precious of Precious Stones?

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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Why Is a Diamond the Most Precious of Precious Stones?

If you love diamonds in Dallas, TX, you are not alone. This classic precious stone has stood the test of time and remained a popular choice for engagement rings and special gifts for decades. Other precious stones have had their moment in the sun, but why, out of all the stones available, is the diamond the most sought after?


What Makes Them Precious?

It’s as much about tradition and fashion as actual properties of the stone. Historically the traditional precious stones – rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds – were all worn by royalty as a sign of wealth or had a religious significance. They were once incredibly rare, and the depth of their color made them more desirable.

Of course times have changed and diamonds aren’t nearly as rare as they once were. There are actually other stones which are rarer, but the collective effect of tradition, supply and demand and current tastes for classic elegance means a diamond is still hugely desirable.


Why a Diamond?

It’s simple, clear elegance is much in demand. Colored gemstones are a matter of taste, but a clear diamond has universal appeal.

Perhaps the fact that a great deal of jewelry, and of course engagement rings in particular, are bought by men plays a part. Personal tastes may limit the appeal of a ruby or other colored stone, but a diamond? Well, there are few women who would express a dislike for one and diamonds in Dallas, TX remain hugely popular.


What Is a Diamond’s Enduring Appeal?

The first engagement ring historians know of was a diamond, so history is on their side.

A diamond’s chemical and molecular structure is ‘perfect’. It’s the hardest mineral in the world and is the simplest of material – common carbon – only separated from coal by its molecular structure.

Yet, despite its classic reputation, trends in diamonds are continually changing. In particular there is a growing trend for colored diamonds. Some colored diamonds, such as the red, blue and pink diamonds, are even rarer than the traditional diamond. Many celebrities and the global wealthy have chosen the rarer colored stone for their engagement rings, keeping diamonds desirable to us all.


Not Just the Main Attraction

A simple diamond necklace or engagement ring is hugely appealing in its own right. However, a diamond’s popularity also rests on its ability to complement a wide variety of other stones and precious metals.

The clear color of the diamond lends itself to nestling amongst a cluster of colored precious stones or is well suited to a variety of the metals used in jewelry. As a result, it is one of the most widely used gemstones in modern jewelry.


The Diamond “Brand”

A diamond has become synonymous with love and commitment. The elegant, timeless quality of diamonds have lent themselves to the association with enduring love. It is difficult to disassociate it in the collective imagination from those values after such a long time. A diamond is, after all, forever.