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Types of Diamond Cut Shapes

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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Types of Diamond Cut Shapes

Since cut is a hugely important factor when selecting the perfect diamond, we’ve outlined some of the most popular diamond cut shapes to help you understand what each one looks like.

Cushion Cut
The Cushion cut is considered an antique style due to the mix of two different cuts, one of which was common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Alternatively, this cut is referred to as a pillow-cut or a candlelight diamond cut, due to the resemblance of the sparkling it gives off being similar to that of candle light.

Emerald Cut
Emerald cuts are recognizable due to their rectangular shape and fewer facets when compared to other cuts. Due to the visible clarity of an Emerald cut, inclusions and sub-par coloring may be more prominent and noticeable. When choosing an emerald cut, it’s recommended to consider higher quality grades of color and clarity.

Marquise Cut
Marquise cuts are elongated with a curved shape and two pointy ends. Because of this shape it can look larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Marquise cuts are easily one of the shapes that stand out the most when compared to other diamond cuts and gems.

Heart Cut
A Heart cut, as the name implies, appears to be shaped like a heart. Although a Heart cut is typically reserved as a symbol of love and romance, it is usually not used for an engagement or wedding ring and instead reserved for less formal occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Pear Cut
A Pear cut resembles a teardrop in appearance, which combines features from a Marquise cut and Oval cut together. Pear cut diamonds are one of the more difficult cuts to a skilled cutter, but they stand out as a unique cut among other popular types of diamonds. These cuts are usually reserved for earrings and pendants, but they can also work well in rings.

Oval Cut
As a modified version of the Round cut, the Oval cut has a perfectly symmetrical design that is popular among women with short fingers or small hands. Due to the nature of the slightly elongated shape, it can give the illusion of longer fingers.

Asscher Cut
Asscher cut diamonds appear to have a “stepped” and square cut. An Asscher cut is also called a “square emerald cut” due to the trimmed corners of the square. Due to the fact that the popularity of this cut has not been as prominent as others, there are not many typical or common proportions that are well known or universally agreed upon.

Radiant Cut
The Radiant cut is another rectangle shaped cut that has trimmed corners like the Asscher cut. However, due to the design of the Radiant cut, it requires more diamond mass in order to achieve the brilliance associated with it. This cut is common among engagement and wedding rings. Like the Emerald cut, the Radiant cut will also show inclusions and imperfections easier than other cuts.

Princess Cut
The Princess cut is another common diamond cut that features a square diamond, not unlike other cuts, but instead with untrimmed or uncut corners. It is seen as more of a square shape than rectangular.

Round Cut
Round cut diamonds take the majority of the global diamond market, making it the most popular type of cut available today. These cuts are common among engagement rings, as they are one of the most popular types of diamond rings selected during an engagement.