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Fun Facts on Why Diamonds Are So Highly Valuable

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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Fun Facts on Why Diamonds Are So Highly Valuable

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and for some reason, that motto has been only quite popular recently. Diamonds are gorgeous, majestic, and very valued among women. Below we will explore some interesting reasons that diamonds have been captivating the eyes and wealth of humans for so many years.


Celestial Creations

During the Roman and Greek times, these magnificent stones were perceived as tears of the gods and fragments of the stars. It was even believed that cupid would ensnare his chosen lover with diamond-tipped arrows.


Under Pressure

Just imagine the kind of heat and the massive pressure it takes to make a diamond. These shining beauties were created in the fiery and burning pits of the earth, just about 100 miles under the earth’s crust, making them scientifically miraculous.



Thanks to modern-day carbon-dating technology, it is estimated that some diamonds may be well over billions of years old–who would have known that these natural treasures have been waiting so long to be discovered.


Tough to the Core

While other Stones can be scratched by stronger and “harder” stones, diamonds are one of a kind. They can only be scratched by other diamonds. In fact, the Greeks used to call them “Adamanti,” which means “indestructible”.


Be Faithful

According to metaphysics and spiritual stone properties, diamonds are considered to promote the following: strength, healing, clarity, truth, longevity, faithfulness, and happiness. It makes a lot of sense why diamond rings are used as an important symbol in marriage.


Hidden Earth Treasures

These celestial beauties are a real treasure. Just to find a one-carat diamond, miners have to dig through close to 250 tons of dirt. Talk about a hidden treasure!


Treated Like Royalty

Because of their rarity, diamonds during the 13th century were worn only by kings. It’s hard to imagine the struggle and time it took to mine in those days. The thought of all the manpower and resources needed to find one diamond alone is mind boggling, but when one was found, only the highest in the social rank had right to ownership.


Essential Tool

Due to their great hardness and ability to be at the top of the stone chain, many companies purchase diamonds for industrial use. Uses may include cutting, polishing, grinding, and drilling other materials. Guess diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, but a man’s as well.


Diamond Charity

The value of these rare beauties is so great that they benefit almost the entire world in a positive way. Many major jewelry companies donate a portion of profits to charities to help poorer nations develop. Thanks to these stones, many kids can look forward to a helping hand with meeting nutritional needs and getting an education.

And there you have it. If you ever wondered why these glass-looking stones carried so much value, these are a few reasons why. They have so many uses that only time will tell what other hidden secrets these natural wonders hold.