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Features of a Diamond

Types of Diamond Cut Shapes
April 11, 2018
Surface Blemishes of a Diamond
April 11, 2018

Features of a Diamond

The 4 C’s
“The 4 C’s” of a diamond are the four primary characteristics that make up and define every single diamond that’s been mined or created. The 4 C’s are made up of the carat weight, clarity, color, and cut of each diamond.

Carat Weight
The carat weight, also referred to as just carat, is a measurement of mass specific to diamonds and other gemstones. Each carat weight is different for each type of stone. One carat of a diamond is measured as 200 milligrams, or about 0.007 ounces. The ‘point’ unit, which is equal to just a hundredth of a carat (or 0.01 carats, or 2 milligrams), is a more common measurement term for any diamond that is less than a single carat weight.

The price for the diamond will go up for higher carat weights or higher point units.

The clarity of a diamond is the measurement of any internal defects, or inclusions, present in the gem. The most common inclusions can include internal and natural defects like feathers, crystals, minerals, knots, cavities, and more. The value of clarity is determined by a trained professional when viewing the diamond under a 10x magnification.

The higher the clarity, or the fewer inclusions visible in the gem, the higher the price of the diamond will be.

The amount of color present in the diamond determines this factor of the 4 C’s. A higher quality diamond will have less color than a diamond with colored tints, like yellow or brown. Therefore, a color grade of “D” is the universal grade given to the diamonds without any traces of color or tints. The next grades that are nearly colorless but have a faint trace of color are “E” and “F” diamonds. However, with proper jewelry settings and to an untrained eye, they can seem just as colorless as a “D” diamond.

The price for a diamond will go up for a diamond with less tinting or coloring.

The diamond cut, not to be confused with the diamond shape, is a very fine art done by diamond cutters and jewelers. The cut of a diamond is referred to the manner in which the diamond has been polished and shaped from its roughest form to the final proportions for a gem. A diamond cut will describe the level of quality of the diamond cutter’s workmanship and the angles with which it has been cut. All diamond cutters use specific mathematical guidelines for length ratios and angles in order to get the most reflective results when it shines in the light.

The cut of a diamond can directly impact the price of the diamond, causing it to rise in price for higher quality and more precise diamond cuts.

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