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Famous Diamonds to Model Jewelry After

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April 11, 2018
Tips to Custom Design Your Diamond Ring
April 11, 2018

Famous Diamonds to Model Jewelry After

Whether you are buying a gift for that special someone, you are looking for the ideal diamond engagement ring, or you want to treat yourself, there are a lot of design ideas out there. Diamonds are a versatile stone and they look stunning in both simple and complex settings. Diamonds pair well with gold, platinum, and many precious metals, and they come in different colors such as yellow and pink. Here we explore a few famous diamonds that you can draw inspiration from when you are deciding what style will work best for your purposes.


The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond has traveled around the globe because it is such a sight to see, and if you love diamonds, viewing this stunning stone should be on your bucket list. The diamond has been in different settings from a headpiece to a necklace, and if you are interested in customizing a piece of jewelry for you that reminds you of this famous diamond, you should note the beautiful blue color of the stone and the clarity of the surrounding diamonds that accent the center. You can’t go wrong modeling diamond jewelry after this piece of history.


Jacqueline Kennedy’s Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are searching for diamond engagement ring ideas, then you should gain some insight by looking at the lovely emerald and diamond engagement ring that Jacqueline Kennedy wore. While many people think that diamonds are the only stone they should get on an engagement ring, this gorgeous ring shows that there is enough room for two stones. Whether you want to stick with the combination of an emerald and diamond or you want to pair a diamond with another precious stone that symbolizes something such as a birthday or anniversary, you will wow your special someone when you present the piece.


The Tiffany Yellow Diamond

While you won’t be seeking to buy the largest yellow diamond ever mined, you certainly can model jewelry with this breathtaking diamond in mind. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is surrounded by a cushion-cut necklace and was designed for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It brilliantly showcases the stone and was worn by Audrey Hepburn. It has a modern necklace setting today and can be viewed at Tiffany & Co. at the flagship store in New York City if you want even more insight into how you can apply this gorgeous piece to your own jewelry collection.


Marilyn Monroe’s Baguette Eternity Band

The platinum diamond eternity band was given to Marilyn Monroe by Joe DiMaggio on their wedding day, and it is the ideal inspiration if you want a simply elegant look. The diamonds pair perfectly with an engagement ring, but also stand out on their own. If you are looking for inspiration for an anniversary, the cut and shape of diamonds will take her breath away. This customized look goes with everything from casual jeans to that little black dress, and you can choose from the different precious medals to ensure you get the look just right.