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Choosing the Best Cut for Your Diamond

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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

Choosing the Best Cut for Your Diamond

Choosing a diamond may seem like a very difficult process, but there are some basics that can make it easier. Each cut of a diamond has certain qualities that can either enhance your ring or distract from it. Here are some of the cuts and how they may benefit you in your diamond selection.


Round Cut

This is the most basic and standard cut, but it still remains the most classic cut as well. This is the most popular style of diamond cut, and due to its simplicity and timelessness, it can provide a great look and a wonderful sparkle. These cuts are easy to clean and maintain, and they are great for almost any ring style or piece of jewelry.


Princess Cut

This cut is referred to as being more feminine. These cuts have their own flirtatious style and will enhance rings and a woman’s finger very well. This cut has also become fairly popular because any flaws in the ring are not as noticeable as other cuts.


Oval Cut

Since it is similar to the round diamond cut, the oval cut has gained a popularity of its own. The symmetry on this cut makes if very popular for more feminine and smaller hands. It seems to enhance the hand instead of overwhelm it. Particularly for slender fingers, this popular cut is a great option for any diamond ring or other jewelry.


Marquise Cut

Similar to the oval cut but with rounded edges, the marquise cut provides an abundance of elegance and style. The points at each end provide a dramatic flair and this cut works well on slender fingers, but it also provides a little bit of opulence that the oval cut may lack.


Pear Cut

This cut has become especially popular for pendants and earrings. It blends all the great qualities of the oval cut and the marquise cut into one. Some people also select this cut for rings because of the unique style it provides for an engagement ring. This cut could also allow you to match sets with rings, pendants, and earrings.


Heart Cut

This interesting cut provides a true symbol of love. This type of cut is often used for special types of rings, but is not as common for engagement rings. Depending on the hand that it is going on, the cut can be larger or smaller to enhance the ring and the finger without engulfing it. Another popular use of this cut is on earrings and pendants that are given as gifts of love and romance.


Choose the Look for Your Love

No matter which cut you choose, your loved one will be extremely happy with the diamond you purchase for her. Custom jewelers can help you to find the perfect ring and cut for that special someone. Keeping the features of each cut in mind, you can surprise her with something extremely unique that she may not be expecting. Keep in mind that due the uniqueness of each cut, not all cuts will fit on all rings. Selecting a quality jeweler will help to keep everything in balance and create a wonderful ring that you’ll cherish for years.