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5 New Engagement Ring Trends

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April 11, 2018
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April 11, 2018

5 New Engagement Ring Trends

When you’re choosing an engagement ring, you might immediately think of the traditional ring with a solitaire stone and smooth band. And while this looks spectacular on the finger, there are some new trends when it comes to engagement rings. Here are some of the most popular looks that will take us into the New Year.


#1: Accent stones around the diamond

This has been trending for a little while now, but it is growing in popularity as time moves forward. By adding colorful accent stones around your diamond engagement ring, you give yourself a unique ring that holds even more meaning. Many times people will choose their birthstone or a special colored stone in their life. And if you’re feeling especially bold, you can use more than one stone for the accent colors. In the past, people would surround diamonds with more diamonds, but these days, women sometimes want a little more variety.


#2: Using rose gold for the band

Pink or rose gold is a beautiful way to compliment your skin tone, while also offering a subtle difference in your ring that will make it stand out. Diamonds and other stones look exceptional against the pink gold as well. If you’re going to look at engagement rings any time soon, it’s worth taking a look at rose gold.


#3: More architectural features

Whether you want a band that splits, giving your diamonds a more dynamic look, or you choose marquise accent stones weaving throughout the design, you have that depth and complexity that is trending right now. When you incorporate these architectural features into an engagement ring, you’ll love having a look that is different from any other bride. These really stand out and make a brave and beautiful statement.


#4: Mixing metals

You’ll start seeing more and more engagement rings that have gold, white gold, and platinum in them. Some people may want the halo of the ring to stand out and will use a different metal for it, while others will use a different metal for the prongs so it matches the diamond or stone of choice better than the band. There are those that want a platinum band and their spouse wants a gold band, and to have synchronicity in their designs, the engagement ring will unite the two metals to match the other ring.


#5: Pear-shaped diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are seeing quite the comeback, and while they may never be as popular as other styles, they do add a slimming and elegant look to the hand that women love. You can get the pear-shaped diamond set alone or have it surrounded by other stones and fine metals. Whatever you decide, you’ll love the way the shape flatters your finger.